Pastel Partner Payroll

Some little known facts

 2018-02-11 11:38 AM by

Hello fellow Payrollers

Welcome to the first of many blogs on how we can help and improve your use of Pastel payroll.

If there is one thing we have come to learn it is how underutilised this package is.

There are hidden gems that need to be uncovered and that is why we are here.


Let me give you an example of an upcoming, important event and option that is seldom used.


Workmen’s compensation or OID as it is on the package.

 It is a year-end function, so coming up soon, that should be calculated and stored for your return in March. And remember no one asks for this return. You go on line, register with ROE (return of Earnings) submit your figures and the Department of Labour will generate an invoice for you to pay.



This is also the time of year to drop them off your payroll so they are not carried forward. It is a box that is ticked as you are completing your year end. If you pass over it, well that’s another year you sit with those employees on your payroll.