Solving a Pervasive Error 11

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Solving a Pervasive Error Code 11


Error Definition:

When opening a company you get Pervasive Error Code 11 while accessing ACCPRMSY.dat




  • Ensure that no other computers on the network have the same name. This error is a conflict in PC names on the same network.
  • Disconnect current mapped network drive by Right-Clicking on the network drive in "ThisPC" or "My Computer"
    Then select "Disconnect"
  • Re-map the drive to the \\Server\Pastel14 folder
  • Run the registration in Pastel by going to Help>Register your Package


Pervasive errors usually occur due to a network or license error. Windows updates also affect network permissions. Sometimes all that is needed is for the server and the workstation to be restarted. 

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Posted by Keshen Pather