Ukhozi System Solutions seeks to be the number one solution provider in its genre of Enterprise Resource planning and Payroll solutions within Kwazulu natal. With years of experience in the industry we bring a fresh approach to tired and outdated problems.

Specializing in the Sage Pastel Brand of products, means we are strategically placed to provide companies with unique opportunities to resolve their system and accounting issues through simple processes and elegant reporting. Sage Pastel has been delivering solutions to institutes for the last 25 years and in that time has refined processes and modules within their product suite to suit just about any type or size of business.

Our core product range includes:

  1. Sage online - for small businesses that wish to be able to produce invoices and statements quickly and
    efficiently from any device with an Internet connection. Typically 1 - 2 users.
  2. Pastel Xpress - a fantastic small business tool that has advanced stock control and proper accounting
    principles that make producing your financials as easy as 1, 2, 3. Between 1-3 users and can have an
    unlimited number of companies attached to it.
  3. Pastel Partner - this is and has been their flagship product for many years. It combines a simple to use
    graphical user interface to be able to control nearly any facet of your business. And the core module can be built on by adding on modules that are specific to your needs. Between 1-20 users and an unlimited number of companies may be created.
  4. Sage Evolution - This product is the ERP offering from Sage. It is truly one of the most comprehensive tools a business can own. It seeks to increase revenue, reduce costs or remove costs from the company by having an input for every facet of your complex business. Beautifully crafted with simple user interfaces means achieving this is simple and quick to understand. Scalable between 1 - 250 users.
  5. Sage Pastel Payroll/Sage VIP Payroll - every company needs to be able to produce pay slips and of course ensure their tax and industrial councils calculations and submissions are done simply by a click of a button. With this product thousands have found it couldn't be simpler. Between 1-250 employees.
  6. Irontree backups - A cloud backup solution that is the best thing to happen since sliced bread.
    Never again have to worry about if your valuable data is Safe. It is automated, very secure and as cheap as having a sandwich at the cafe down the road.

As you can well see we have all of your company needs covered and look forward to hearing about your needs and problems. We know we have a solution made just for you. We sell, support, implement and train on all of these products.

Things that define us

Ukhozi System Solutions - Things that define us

To us you are not just an opportunity but a close friend that we seek to assist. We build relationships not a client base and we believe in the right advice for you even if that means us losing your business. Honesty is the most important thing in any relationship , even in business relationships.

Where we are

Ukhozi System Solutions - Where we are

We have a team that can provide advice and solutions to complex problems that others may have turned away and said can't be done. We have grown our base significantly enough to be one of Sage's top dealers in Kwazulu Natal and SA.

Where we are going

Ukhozi System Solutions - Where we are going

We believe with our experience and phenomenal expertise in business processes and systems , we are strategically placed to move into Africa whilst sourcing our clients the best solutions & the best products to help grow their businesses. We realize that the success of our clients businesses mean the success of ours.

What to expect when you call

Ukhozi System Solutions - What can you expect when you call

Honesty , integrity and the right advice that won't cost you half of your Profits.