Why , When & How to do backups

Introducing pastel Irontree

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Hello my dear Friends ,


In these perilous times of cyber crime and easy money for clever hacks and basement programmers , we thought it necessary to remind you how important your backups are .


Why we need backups :

Well having a backup is the most convenient and safest way of ensuring no loss of critical data occurs to you . Over the last few months ransomware has become more and more common and we see frequent attacks that have no choice but to be held to ransom for their own data . The loss of info even in the slightest can see a company close doors . We have unfortunately seen it happen to a few of our clients over the years . It is insurance for your system data . We work in a more and more paperless world and so hard copies are few and far between . Your local tax authorities and other affiliate entities will require proof of transactions in most cases and failure to produce this could be detromintal to your business .


When should we backup :

Let me answer that question with a thought provoking question of my own . How often do you work and how long would it take you to redo the work youve already done. If you find yourself working veryday , then why would you not backup daily . Backing up weekly or just once in a while will most certainly result in a loss of time should you be unfortunate enough to incurr some tragedy that results in data loss .  A good backup regime involves an automated backup at midday and then another that evening when work is over . Thsi will ensure that should tragedy strike you are backup and running within a few hours rather than days or weeks .


How do i backup :

There are various different methods that can be applied , however a few things are critical . Firstly you should have at least one fireproof backup . This means a copy of your backup should be off your main business site . An onsite backup can be carrie out through a straight copy and paste through your operating system using an external media source such as a DVD or Hard drive or USB stick . Any form of remvable media is open to corruption and these backups should always be tesed at least once every 3 months to ensure data recovery is possible . Your accounting system Sage Pastel should ask you to backup everytime you exit the program and if possible should be carried out by the super user at least once a day . In addition to this we recommend using Pastel Irontree to produce a cheap alternative to having sleepless nights over loss of data . Pastel Irontree has the following key feature :

  1. Its a 90 times backup storage platform which means you could retrieve a backup fron 89 instances ( 89 days if one backup is set per day ) . This is invaluable if you find yourself having to go back to a point prior to certain batches having been updated .
  2. It has encryption so only you may retrieve your info should you require it .
  3. Restoration can ahppen anywhere at anytime so long as you ahve an internet point .
  4. Have complete peace of mind for less than the cost of a beverage per a day .
  5. Key individuals in the organisation are informed after each abckup with the status of the backup.
  6. Should a backup not work for 3 consecutive days the linked dealer is notified and then has 3 days to try to resolve the issue.
  7. Should he fail Irontree themselves will call you themselves to try to resolve the issue at no cost .
  8. No additional charges for support or setup or restoration.
  9. Setup takes approxiamtely 15 minutes.
  10. Work of a month to month contract so you can cancel anytime you please.


I cannot tell you , friends , how often a good backup solution has saved my hyde and if you dont have your backup processes in place there is no time like teh present to get hold of us to discuss which option will work best for you .


If you havent already , dont waste another second . Call us for an evaluation of what backup solution wouyld suit you best . Perhaps we can all sleep a little easier .


Regards ,

Remon N